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Re: 5.1


On 2018-10-18 10:10, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Hi John,

The legacy canvas in the pcb tools and gerbview is slated for removal
during v6 development.  I image it will happen fairly quickly after 5.1
is released.  I also expect there to be great wailing and gnashing of
teeth once it's removed but keeping it around doesn't make sense.  We
will just have to suck it up, deal with the backlash, and fix any
lingering issues in the new tool framework and router as quickly as



Hi Wayne-

We should probably start moving the default build on some Linuxes over to gtk3 as the gtk2/3 conflicts were one of the prime drivers to the GAL-legacy switch in eeschema. This requires turning on -DUSE_WX_GRAPHICS_CONTEXT as well for these linuxes.

Unfortunately, this is an either/or in that Debian9 (and derivatives in Ubuntu) doesn't provide a python-wxgtk built against gtk2 and Debian 10/Ubuntu 18.04 don't provide python-wxgtk built against gtk3.

If we are keeping the Legacy canvas for 5.1, we'll need to iron out GTK3 bugs. This is potentially a not insubstantial amount of work as right now, GTK3 legacy view in pcbnew and gerbview does not display anything and a very garbled display in footprint editor.

How much effort do we want to expend on keeping legacy running in new systems? Should we consider disabling legacy canvas if we enable GTK3 in the build? FWIW, GTK3 works fine for page layout editor and the various buttons and menus as far as I have found so far. Also, GAL works as I expect


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