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Re: 5.1 stable release


Hello Wayne,

I've some further questions regarding the planned version 5.1 and
switching to GTK3+.

Am 17.12.18 um 16:18 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
> The other option assuming you have the gtk3 variant of wxwidgets
> installed (if not `sudo apt-get install libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-dev`) you can
> make that your default wxwidgets version by running `sudo
> update-alternatives --config wx-config` and select the appropriate
> version of wx-config.  You should be able to build kicad normally.
> If you want to compile using phoenix and python 3 you need to install
> python-wxgtk4.0.  I seem to remember having to install another package
> to get the dev headers but I don't remember what that was off the top of
> my head.  Once you have the python packages installed you can build
> I've successfully build kicad this way on both Debian testing and Ubuntu
> 18.10.

I was thinking (for some time) about building some random version of the
current master branch, aka devel branch for 5.1, with a later upload to
Debian experimental if things going well. But the main question for
doing this is the question of switching finally to GTK3+/WxPython4 also
by the preparations.

The background for doing a rather unusual upload of a random devel
snapshot of KiCad to experimental is the starting freeze period for the
next Debian release called Buster right on this weekend [1].

Doing a build with WxWidgets backend based on GTK3+ and WxPython4 isn't
a real technical problem I guess. But it makes not really since to do
this if this is contrary to the current plannings for 5.1.

So, what is the current status regarding to the default build options
for the KiCad applications?
I haven't looked really into the CMake files recently, is using GTK3+
WxWidgets already the standard or is this planned soon to do the
modification of the CMake files?
The same question belongs to WxPython4/Phoenix.

Or if switching the default build options hasn't happen yet how useful
would a build with GTK3+/WxPython4 than be?

Given the freeze plan for Buster KiCad 5.1 I see a chance to get this
version into Buster if KiCad 5.1 has entered Testing before 2019-03-12.
That's not to far away. So let's use the time to make things happen if

[1] https://release.debian.org/buster/freeze_policy.html

Carsten Schoenert

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