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Processing older versions (topic split from v6 Upgrade)


Am 2019-02-26 12:11, schrieb Simon Richter:
Hi Cedric,

On 26.02.19 06:55, cedric.dewijs@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I'm opposed to any program that modifies a file when I open it.
        In my opinion the file should only change when I press the
        "save" button.

Of course, we'd have to ask first. The advantage would be that you can
stop before you do any changes to the board, so if you meant to be using
an older version, you don't have to re-do your changes, and you get a
defined time where only the upgrade has taken place, but no other
changes, so you can do another version control check-in there.

Hi Simon-

I like how Solidworks handles this situation. You can open an older version but it has a flag so that as soon as you try to edit the file, you get the attached dialog (with the appropriate "Don't show again" checkbox).

Would something similar address your concerns?


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