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Re: Processing older versions (topic split from v6 Upgrade)


Am 2019-03-01 01:28, schrieb cedric.dewijs@xxxxxxxxxx:
How does an earlier version of Kicad handles a file that has been
created by a newer version of Kicad?

It doesn't.  And it can't between major releases (e.g. 4-5, 5-6)

Altium opens files that have been created by a newer version, and
warns the user. I use an older version of Altium than my co worker and
so far we did not have issues yet. I can copy and paste from his
designs to my designs without problems.

I don't anticipate anyone wanting to support this kind of behavior in KiCad. Altium has separate departments for developers and technical support. We don't.

My main motivation to let the user continue to use older version of
the file format in newer versions of Kicad is to prevent the forced
upgrade path that all the commercial vendors use. This boils down to
the question: Do we want to force the entire team to upgrade to a the
same version of Kicad if they collectively work on the same files?

We don't have the person-hours to provide support for multiple versions. We don't force people to upgrade but we also don't have enough time in the day to deal with the extra problems that come from the kind of teamwork you are describing.


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