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Re: CI builds


Hi Nick,

the main showstoppers are:

1. chroots

On the old Jenkins, we just built on the host system, which meant the
build environment was available instantly. The current system uses
chroots, which have to be unpacked every time. Presumably this could be
solved with Docker, where the unpacking becomes cheap.

2. result aggregation

We build multiple platforms and configurations, and we certainly don't
want one mail per failing platform. Aggregating test results and
warning/error data is something that Jenkins is notoriously bad at.

AFAIK there is a way to define the different platform builds as
pipelines in a "library", and drive them from a single master job (which
could then also become a "multibranch" job, so it can run for all
branches), but I have no idea how well that works in practice.


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