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Re: Improving library editor checks



Am 25.04.19 um 16:15 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
> Python scripting support is hopefully going to be implemented at some
> point during V6 development.  This should allow you to integrate the KLC
> scripts directly into the symbol library editor.  This will most likely
> happen late in V6 development because there are some major functional
> changes to the low level schematic and library objects.  It doesn't make
> sense to swig this until the low level object APIs stabilize.

what I'd like to see in KiCad regarding some automatic QA while creating
own symbols or footprints is a possibility to do an automatic checking
of symbols or footprints while I'm working on it depending on selected
rule set.

At least a possible checking directly within the editors in KiCad. It's
currently a bit uncomfortable and time consuming to check if a symbol is
fulfilling the KLC's rules (or any other rules).

Furthermore I'd appreciate if KiCad would pre ship such rule sets and I
could choose one. And also if I could copy such an existing rule set to
my own settings set and modify it afterwards.

Own rule sets should be addable from a own dedicated folder and also
selectable from and savable within a project.

Carsten Schoenert