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Re: Latest info on copper zones using solid polygons without outline thickness.


On 2019-06-05 14:33, jp charras wrote:
I just committed the final version of fill algo to build solid polygons
in zones:

The current algo creates slightly smaller polygons and draw/plot the
polygon outline with thick segments.
It gives a very good look but creates some issue:
- For very large boards, drawing outlines can be time consumming.
- When exporting copper zones, the exported polygons are smaller than
the actual shape.

The new algo creates filled polygons without thick outlines (therefore
having the right shape)

By default, the new algo is not enabled.

To enable it
- In "kicad_advanced" file config, add "ForceThickZones=0"
- In Pcbnew, "Board Setup/Design Rules", in "Option to fill polygons in
zones", select "No Outline"

Hi JP-

A few questions on this.

- Since this is a board-level setting, is there a reason to put the file format tag in each zone container? - The 3d viewer is about 25% slower on reload time with this option on. Do you see this in your tests as well? - Do we need to hard-code the inflate segments in computeRawFilledAreas at 16?

I'm also seeing some floating copper after enabling the option. See attached image.


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