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Re: Ratsnest options


On 2019-06-13 10:26, Jeff Young wrote:
So I’ll be the contrary one.

First, I do agree with getting the number of access points down.

However, I find myself turning the ratsnest on and off a lot.  And the
toolbar is /much/ easier than the layers palette for that.

As far as Preferences, I agree that it’s the right place for
curved/straight (well, actually I’d be inclined to just offer
curved, but I already lost that fight).  But why have shown/not shown
in preferences?  And for that matter units and coordinates.  These
aren’t really set-and-forget types of things, and the options
toolbar is both easier to access and more visible for inspection.

So how about removing in/mm and polar/cartesian from Preferences (and
leaving them and ratsnest on/off in the options toolbar), rather than
moving ratsnest on/off to Preferences?

OK. It sounds like we are in agreement that the ratsnest on/off doesn't belong in preferences but curved and probably show-on-move settings do.

I'll take global ratsnest out of preferences and take the curved icon off of the left bar. Can I also remove global ratsnest options from the View menu?

@Jeff- What if I added hotkey handling for toggling view items like the ratsnest? Would that address the rapid switch issue?

I'd like to put in/mm in the board settings (for the current board) and remove it from the preferences panel and side toolbar. You can already set the grid to inches/mm so switching the display units is less likely (I think) and would usually be on a per-project-basis.


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