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Re: Strange program version numbering in KiCad


Hello Wayne,

Am 10.07.19 um 21:12 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
> The problem with d & e is I do not think they address the user
> interpretation of our version string.  Using "master" as a prefix or
> suffix probably doesn't mean much to many users.  You may be expecting
> users to be more informed about versioning than they actually are.

that's the point. Developers know were and what to look at, don't expect
user to know your development model. But they know versions.

It doesn't matter for the user what branch is used for which development
cycle. And it's not a good idea to use a branch name in the version
because you may use different branches while development. So pleas get
rid of the branch name in the created version string.

And yes, the current solution isn't (still) working well. But nobody
needs to reinvent a wheel. The problem has probably hit every project in
the FOSS world at any time somehow. Please have a look at other project
and how they solved this problem.

Carsten Schoenert