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Re: Eeschema selection


On 01/08/19 20:00, Jeff Young wrote:
Hi Dino,

I’m torn on having a colour config for it.  On the one hand it might help some users who want to set a different colour, but on the other hand it won’t track any system mode changes (such as dark mode on OSX).

The zoom level compensation was put in specifically to make things look better as you zoomed in.  But if it’s not working on other platforms it might be retina-specific.  I’ll probably just remove it altogether.


Hi jeff,
On my debian 9 (with a may be too old gnome 3.22.2), changing to a dark theme does not change the schematic background but only the widgets appearance (tool buttons, menus etc). May be this is related to the fact that the schematic background is set by kicad in the preferences and on gnome that setting is not overridden by the mode. I tested it only on my system, I don't know how is handled in osx or win (or even on latest gnome).

Zooming, the things looks better, as you say, but at the highest zoom components and connections have a very thin line that visually gets lost. Probably it is enough to increase a bit the width of the shadow depending on the zoom. In the attachment I grabbed two different zooms on a 1920x1080 pixels laptop screen (with the gnome "dark" theme called "adwaita-dark"): At the highest zoom you hardly see which connection is selected and which is not. Using "accelerated graphics" or "Standard graphics" gave to me the same results.


On 1 Aug 2019, at 01:14, Dino Ghilardi <dino.ghilardi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jeff,

	On Linux (debian) looks good (a kind of light blue) until you don't select the same blue as background color, so this seems a good default, but having it configurable in the color selection will help in that case (consideried also that load/save of color schemes is coming soon).

A minor issue is that when I zoom a selected objects the shados are different depending on objects: free text has a shadow width different from reference or value fields of a component.

At higher zoom levels the highlight for components/references/value is thinner and much less visible than the one for "free" text.


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