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Re: [RFC] Comments for a Layer Stack Manager in Pcbnew


Le 06/09/2019 à 12:04, Michael Kavanagh a écrit :
> Hi JP,
> This will be a great addition to KiCad, and I'm excited to see this
> progress. Now it's merged into master, would you prefer feedback on
> the mailing list or bug reports?
> In any case, the panel display seems to be broken on macOS (I do not
> remember this issue when the dialog was standalone, however I do agree
> with the panel being part of Board Setup). Please see the attached
> screenshot. It was already mentioned above but I also believe wxGrid
> would be better for this, and other commercial EDA tools all use grid
> controls for this functionality.
> I can submit a bug report if you prefer.
> Cheers,
> Michael

Hi Michael,

For feedback, the mailing list is good for be: the layer stack manager
is still a moving target.

For bugs, of course, a bug report is better.

About macOS:

I tested the Layer Stack Manager on W7 and Linux Kubuntu 18.04/KDE.
But I am unable to test it on macOS.
So I am expecting macOS guys will be able to fix these specific issues.

To answer your question about using wxGrid:
I agree wxGrid should be better, but unfortunately it does not works fine:
I used it is the first version, but I had so many issues (after spending
too many time to try to fix them) (read: having a barely usable dialog)
I gave up and replaced it by a wxFlexGridSizer.
The main advantage of a wxFlexGridSizer is: it works.

Perhaps other commercial EDA tools use a grid control, but perhaps not a

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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