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Re: GitLab migration


su 13. lokak. 2019 klo 4.10 Strontium (strntydog@xxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> My 2c
> "As Designed" should be the only answer.


> "Invalid" and "Not a Bug" cut off continued dialogue
> and look dogmatic/arrogant.

On the other hand I have reported situations which I couldn't reproduce
later. The "bug" description didn't actually describe KiCad's behavior. In
that case Not a Bug would be more accurate. "As Designed" would be accurate
where the bug description actually descibes the behavior, but it's intented.

"Triaged" really isn't good. Launchpad explanation list have these

- > Confirmed: Verified by someone other than the reporter.
- > Triaged: Verified by the bug supervisor.

But "verified" isn't a good word for wishlist items, and who is a "bug

Instead there could be something like "accepted, but not planned" for
wishlist items which would mean that the (core) developers or people who
can otherwise decide what is basically acceptable have accepted the basic
idea and if someone - possibly a new developer - wants to implement it, it
could be done (at least after further detailed discussion). It would imply
that it has so low priority that it probably won't be implemented by the
current development team, although anyone can take it under work later.

That would give positive and meaningful signal for the reporter and for
potential implementors: yes, a good idea, and if you want to implement it,
it's safe to go on.

Eeli Kaikkonen