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Re: Benchmarking kicad compilation on CPUsreleased 6 years apart


Threadripper 2920x:

cd kicad-source-mirror
git pull
rm -rf build
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
time make -j24

real	4m38.833s
user	82m30.136s
sys	5m21.663s

As others noted, this is not the new generation coming next month.

Darrell Harmon

On Thu, 2019-10-31 at 09:52 -0400, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> To get this thread back on track.  Anyone have any experience with
> the
> new AMD threadripper processors and how they compare to the Ryzen
> and/or
> Intel core I7 processors?  I actually have a new System76 desktop
> speced
> out with one but I was wondering if the extra cost was worthwhile.
> Cheers,
> Wayne