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Re: GitLab migration


On 2019-11-09 14:08, Maciej Suminski wrote:
I have fixed all issues, taking into account the ones reported on the
mailing list and Ian's 'Gitlab Issue Tracker Guidelines' [1]. In my
opinion, the bug tracker is ready to be moved to Gitlab. You can check
out the latest bug tracker migration in my test project [2].


2. https://gitlab.com/orsonmmz/kicad-bug-tracker/issues

Orson, this is fantastic.  Thanks for working through all of this.

I can't overstate how much better this feels. Images inline, great search options. I have a marked todo list with highlighted issues in the toolbar. No more digging through three layers of clicks and options to find the search features. Amazing.

Hopefully we can up with a timeline to move work over to the new system. I didn't see any stoppers with the current setup.

I suppose that our next step is to mirror the repository to GitLab under the KiCad account. Did we ever resolve who controls the "KiCad" username on GitLab?


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