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Re: Plugin/3rd party content manager


On 2019-11-26 14:40, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:

ti 26. marrask. 2019 klo 22.23 Seth Hillbrand (seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

We need to start with the API definition and file format changes.  The
API definition should include end points and returns.  The file format
changes should include the files and specific configuration lines

Please do not go down the road of an entirely public infrastructure
manager.  We can include an option for additional servers that return
the API calls, but this needs to be centralized to fit into the KiCad

I don't understand either of these points, could you open up them a bit?

There will be a feature proposal document when it is ready for general input. The early form discussions quickly derail, so it's not useful yet to discuss a potential feature implementation. After the initial ideas and implementation are documented, it will go to the lead developers first to ensure everyone agrees with the plan and course of action. After that, it will be published on the list for open comments. This ensures we conserve time and effort.

I don't see why these should be known first. I hoped that the content manager could be developed mostly separately from KiCad and in python - that would be a great strength, hopefully saving time and effort from the main developers while drawing in new volunteers.

If there are any python developers who would like to contribute code to the KiCad codebase and are looking for how to do that, please contact me. There's lots of Python work to be done. I'm happy to help provide an introduction to that code and some structure for how to address a number of existing wishlist items that require Python.


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