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Re: suggestion: git branching model


On 2019-12-11 12:21, Jonatan Liljedahl wrote:

Of course, I'm not expecting the dev branch to be bug-free. I was just
thinking about git branching models and wondering if things could be
improved, specifically about larger feature branches. I didn't know
that the symbol inheritance branch was available for testing from
Waynes personal repo before merge, possibly because I'm new here and
just recently joined the dev-list. I'm sorry if I stepped on any toes!

No worries. We sort these out as we go along. For what it's worth, we've had previous discussions not just on branching models but also git flow and forking models. Once we bring additional resources into the project, we'll have more options. But within our constraints at the moment, revising workflows is unlikely.

If you are interested in helping test feature branches to minimize the
crashes in the future, you might test and review the feature branch at
https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/merge_requests/15 .  It will be
merged soon but has not had any testing outside of my own at the moment.
  This is the downside of feature branches in a volunteer-based
development model.

I will take a look! However, since it's rebased on current master,
which is crashing a lot, it's hard to test and know what broke because
of which change.
When the current issues on master are sorted out and !15 rebased
against it, it will be easier.

The merge set only affects pcbnew, not eeschema. I don't think that the symbol inheritance impacts pcbnew, so if you see any instability in pcbnew, definitely let me know.


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