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Re: no broken default fp-lib-table, removed footprint library


Hello Wayne,

Am 14.05.20 um 18:43 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:

What information do you need from KiCad.  Does Debian (or any other
disto) have recommendations for upstream projects to help packagers?

Debian has some dedicated information for upstream projects and coders of course.


But these are all plain technically points written down. You will not find any issues for the main KiCad application based on the list from the Debian wiki and that's good.

Packaging is import to the project so if we can package devs lives a bit
easier, I'm willing to consider ways to do so.

We are going in loops so I currently don't want to put more energy into a for me pointless discussion. And it's also disappointing and not encouraging if people saying they haven't read my complete message(s) ...

The main point is that projects simply should provide as much information and communication as possible about the new versions they provide. Distributions need always to think about how intrusive modifications are, that's mainly a simple risk analysis.

What do you think if a contributor is providing a 1000 line patch for KiCad and you have no further information than that pure diff?
That's mainly the situation for me regarding to symbols and footprints.

The release of a new KiCad version can be improved in my eyes by doing a better job of release managing. For example some parts do create release candidates some don't. Makes it difficult for me to do packaging preparations as the final version of the kicad package says then nothing about the real combined l10n and documentation parts as I need to pick up some random versions. Also not helpful if users bring up issues as you need to figure out against what commits these are for real.


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