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Re: no broken default fp-lib-table, removed footprint library


On 17/05/2020 11:24, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
The main point is that projects simply should provide as much
information and communication as possible about the new versions they
provide. Distributions need always to think about how intrusive
modifications are, that's mainly a simple risk analysis.

A risk analysis as a first step requires understanding the requirements of the system in question! You being only worried about renamed library assets shows you don't understand what is important to the library (yes renamed libs can be annoying to our users which is why we typically avoid it without good reason).

The reason why a renamed library asset is basically irrelevant to our user is that KiCAd will tell them there is a problem and 99% will carry on as normal (especially the professional users). The real danger are certain changes to assets without them being renamed. Examples are any change to pin numbers or positions, any change in pad numbers or positions. Which is why we avoid these changes except to fix a bug (massively higher requirement for such changes to be allowed than any asset renaming). We have scripts that check for these dangerous changes helping us to avid them (the changes that are still in are documented in the log files on the release page as well as analyzed in detail in the release discussion that was linked in my release announcement).

What do you think if a contributor is providing a 1000 line patch for
KiCad and you have no further information than that pure diff?
That's mainly the situation for me regarding to symbols and footprints.

Again: learn what the library represents. It is not sourcecode. It makes no sense to talk about a diff! (Not a text based one at least. Graphical explanations of differences AS CONTAINED IN THE PULL REQUESTS linked to by the commit messages are what is important.)

Really i suggest you make a few boards with kicad, let me introduce a few changes to your personal copy of the library of after you assigned footprints but before you imported it to pcbnew (worst case time instance for a software update) and come back to me which changes you will care about in the future (I bet my life that the last thing you will worry about is changes to file names. Maybe after this experience will you finally understand why our priorities are where they are.)