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Re: ngspice-34


config.h for ngspice should not be distributed, because it is a local, OS dependent autogenerated file, and might interfere with other packages.

So I did remove it in ngspice-34.

Nevertheless KiCad uses it (from its position in /usr/include/ngspice/config.h) to extract compile time version info for ngspice.

Due to a bug from my side config.h was still distributed with ngspice-34, now located in /usr/include/config.h.

ngspice-35 will contain version info in sharedspice.h (which is always distributed), and there are some suggestion by Carsten how to handle the version info issue "the correct way" (unfortunately barely Windows compatible).

So indeed an intermediate sultion for ngspice-34 might be to shift config.h to /usr/include/ngspice/config.h before compilation.

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