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Re: ngspice-34


Ok, thank you. I will follow-up with archlinux packager for ngspice.

On Wed, 28 Apr 2021 at 10:02, Holger Vogt <holger.vogt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> config.h for ngspice should not be distributed, because it is a local,
> OS dependent autogenerated file, and might interfere with other packages.
> So I did remove it in ngspice-34.
> Nevertheless KiCad uses it (from its position in
> /usr/include/ngspice/config.h) to extract compile time version info for
> ngspice.
> Due to a bug from my side config.h was still distributed with
> ngspice-34, now located in /usr/include/config.h.
> ngspice-35 will contain version info in sharedspice.h (which is always
> distributed), and there are some suggestion by Carsten how to handle the
> version info issue "the correct way" (unfortunately barely Windows
> compatible).
> So indeed an intermediate sultion for ngspice-34 might be to shift
> config.h to /usr/include/ngspice/config.h before compilation.

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