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Re: mhonarc archive latency - lets order list archives in ascending rather than descending date (for now)


On 11/29/2011 07:05 PM, Robert Collins wrote:
> I propose that the UI impact of messages appearing very slowly is
> worse than the UI impact of messages being in oldest-first order.
> WDYT ?

I would like to do this. The change is not as simple as one might think.
We require a code change and a LOSA to updated the existing data:

The code change is to lp-mhonarc-common.mrc:
Remove <REVERSE> <TREVERSE> from basic params
Reorder the *PGLINK content to reflect the normal direction
Change the order of $PGLINK() calls to reflect the normal direction

Deploy the code change

A losa goes to
to issue the command to regenerate all the pages.
    mmm-archive-manager.py ALL
Wait a few days to complete.

Curtis Hovey

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