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Re: All hail bikeshedders: looking for a tag to represent critical-in-new-feature


On 11-11-30 07:00 PM, Martin Pool wrote:
> On 1 December 2011 09:54, Francis J. Lacoste
> <francis.lacoste@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> We already have a tag for regressions. But we don't have a tag for
>> critical bugs introduced by new features. So what should we use to group
>> these? I know that each feature have their own tag, (currently
>> disclosure and bug-columns for example), but it would be easier for
>> historical tracking if there was a common tag that was always used.
> When I first read this I thought you meant bugs caused by new features
> breaking, in which case I was going to suggest 'self-inflicted', for
> something almost but not quite like a regression.
> But it sounds like you are perhaps talking about something that is not
> a breakage as such but rather gets priority inheritance because it is
> required to get the feature to a point where we're happy to announce
> it in which case perhaps 'done-done' would be a tag that shows the
> right attitude.

No, I did mean a breakage matching our definition of Critical introduced
by a new feature.

I like self-inflicted. You also suggested friendly-fire which has a
weird poetic tone to it.

Francis J. Lacoste

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