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Re: FW: Another interesting music player


Le jeudi 24 juin 2010 à 06:19 +0800, PCMan a écrit :
> 1. Given you have proper codecs and audio libs installed for mplayer,
> adding a music player won't bring many addiional dependencies since
> they are already there.
> 2. Usability matters. If you consider user interface, gnome-mplayer is
> a nice video player but it's really a bad music player. It's even
> difficult for the users to find that gnome-mplayer actually plays
> music.
> 3. Playing music and video are quite different things.  The focus of
> video player is smooth image processing, and the focus of music player
> should be playlists management. It's quite often that you have more
> than 100 songs in playlist, but normally you won't put 100 video files
> in play queue and play them one by one. Music player and video player
> are totally for different purpose.
> 4. If someone still remember, winamp 5, the famous music player on
> Windows in the past tried to support video playback, but do people use
> it? It's still mostly used as music player.
> Unless your goal is something that can fit 100 mb cd, I think that
> removing music player is not a valid approach to a desktop focusing on
> usability.

Thanks, I have now some argument when someone else will propose this
idea :)
I also think the GUI of gnome-mplayer is not good enough to be a good
replacement for an audio player.

Julien Lavergne

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