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Re: plymouth


Am 02.10.2010 22:24, schrieb Yorvyk:
> On Sat, 2 Oct 2010 20:37:20 +0100
> Phill Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hiyas,
>> just my 2 cents worth.
>> <start rant>
>> Lubuntu does not need a 'fancy' boot screen, it delays the booting and uses
>> resources on older (as in low spec RAM / CPU) machines. Lubuntu is
>> *not* Xubuntu,
>> and we should never try to be so. I've just had a report that the cd does
>> not want to work with our previous minimal RAM setting for using Ubiquity of
>> 160MB. The slide shows in ubiquity may have caused a problem, or Ubiquity
>> may have gotten more bloated. I am only reporting back what has been
>> reported.
>> How are we to spread lubuntu, that needs 128MB of RAM if you cannot install
>> it unless you have something like 256MB?
> Some findings, relating to installation.
> With a video card the latest beta installs with 160 MiB on a 700MHz machine but, very slowly, around four hours . Some 8 hours quicker than OpenSUSE LXDE.  At 384 MiB Lubuntu is down to just under 2 hours, some 8 hours quicker than OpenSUSE LXDE, while Fedora takes just an hour.
> For some reason more than 256MiB of RAM is needed for Lubuntu to install with Intel on board video.
Perhaps the on board intel card uses the system ram as share
> I think we need a text based installer.
There is the Debian-Installer textbased that is also used for
networkinstalls or minimum installs avaiable. The only thing an
alternate Lubuntu CD needs is an full lubuntu repository on the cd
besides the debian-installer aswell.
A combined Installation and Live Media would be also very nice. The
Debian-Live-Installer which also offers a textbased minimum ram usage
installer is still in development but might be considered
> I’ll experiment a bit more, if my patience doesn’t run out :)

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