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CPUs Lubuntu 11.04 (i386) will run on (was: Re: Ask yourself...)


On Fri, 25 Feb 2011 12:08:17 -0600 PYROcomp <rexmollc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does the 11.04 edition in fact run on P2s?


> As I understand it support for old CPUs was dropped from the latest kernels...

Maybe we need to add this to the Lubuntu FAQ, or something.  It is already on the main Lubntu wiki page, but seems to be either not being read, or not being understood?

If you feel that you were mislead by unclear wording on the wiki page at 


please say so, and suggest clearer wording we can use.  Thanks!

More detailed explanation:

The Intel CPU architecture that was dropped was the i586 architecture.  So Pentium I, and its relatives including VIA C3, AMD K6, National Semiconductor and AMD Geode, need to stick with 10.04.  

Pentium II is a P6 "i686" architecture chip, and so should be fine with 11.04.  See 


for a list of i686 architechture CPU families.  If anyone still has a working Pentium Pro machine, it should work fine with (L)Ubuntu 11.04, too :)


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