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Re: CPUs Lubuntu 11.04 (i386) will run on (was: Re: Ask yourself...)


> > Does the 11.04 edition in fact run on P2s?
> Yes.
> > As I understand it support for old CPUs was dropped from the latest
> kernels...
> Maybe we need to add this to the Lubuntu FAQ, or something.  It is already
> on the main Lubntu wiki page, but seems to be either not being read, or not
> being understood?
> If you feel that you were mislead by unclear wording on the wiki page at
>  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu
> please say so, and suggest clearer wording we can use.  Thanks!

This is a REXMO FAIL,  sorry .  I will in future read the wiki closely.

> More detailed explanation:
> The Intel CPU architecture that was dropped was the i586 architecture.  So
> Pentium I, and its relatives including VIA C3, AMD K6, National
> Semiconductor and AMD Geode, need to stick with 10.04.
> Pentium II is a P6 "i686" architecture chip, and so should be fine with
> 11.04.  See
>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P6_%28microarchitecture%29#P6_based_chips
> for a list of i686 architechture CPU families.  If anyone still has a
> working Pentium Pro machine, it should work fine with (L)Ubuntu 11.04, too
> :)
> Jonathan

Perhaps this would be a worthwhile project:  compiling support for i586?
Let me know,  if there is enough belief in support for i586 I will suggest
it to the sl4mm3r5 group.

I for one,  +1


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