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Re: Creating alternate ISOs, 64bit ISOs, etc. (status update 27 Feb 2am)


On 02/22/2011 11:55 PM, Jonathan Marsden wrote:

> Incidentally, I hope to build my first "more or less Lubuntu" ISO
> from these two scripts, "hands off" except for entering a sudo
> password, before I go to bed tonight ...

That worked.  After that, I set up a and downloaded a local Ubuntu
repository for natty (all 59GB of it), and arranged nightly automated
updates to it, and then pointed debootstrap and apt at it during the ISO
creation process, to reduce my ISO creation times -- I'm now down to 12
minutes, by cheating the number of language-pack-gnome-* I use... so
maybe 15mins if I undo that English-centric shortcut!

Today (tonight?) I got the md5sum issue fixed (no need to edit the
m5dsum.txt file by hand at all now for boot.cat, and no hex checksum
strings in the script to stuff into md5sums.txt, either!).

The resulting i386 ISO "works for me" in qemu as a livecd using

  qemu -cdrom lubuntu-i386-20110227.iso

The checksum test now passes, and and "Try it without installing" lets
me do basic stuff ... minimal testing only, so far :)

Next likely steps are:

 (a) Look at why virtualbox is so unhappy with these ISO images
 (b) Document the script, and give it back to Julien for comment
 (c) Work on 64bit ISOs (will probably need work on livecd-rootfs
     image creation, current approach has i386-isms in it I think)
 (d) Work on alternate installer ISOs
 (e) Work on automatic daily/weekly ISO creation and publication
 (f) Relax, maybe? :)


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