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Quoting style


I'll probably be called pedantic or old-fashioned for this, but:

Could we all try to avoid quoting the *entire* email to which we are
responding, please?

This mailing list is archived at


and the archive is public.  So anyone needing to read earlier messages
in full can easily do so.  All that is needed in a reply email is the
attribution line (so we know who said the quoted material, and when they
said it), and *just* enough quoted material to establish the context of
your response.  Rule of thumb: generally, no more than half the lines of
your email should be quoted material.

It really does save all your readers time if you trim down the stuff you
quote.  Scrolling down a few screens worth to see a one paragraph reply
is bad -- for the sight-impaired, having a screen reader read out masses
of quoted material before getting to the new material is worse.

Thanks for at least considering this,