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Re: Lubuntu - One Stop Thread



For the 2nd time and yet again, I'd like to THANK YOU for each and every
word you wrote and for each and every suggestions, be sure I'll keep that
in mind and I'm very sure you wrote all that because you want to help :)
totally understood.
However, I'm afraid you are not seeing my point.

Again, if you go back to my email, or just go to that thread and check the
banner I posted which was done in Photoshop at 4am last night, you'll
understand EVERYTHING :)

That thread is NOT meant to be for posing problems and fixes. That thread
is meant to be an online huge bookmarks thread where anyone can find
Also, this thread is to analyse users reactions and experience. I'm having
another thoughts much more than just a thread.

For me, even though in one week or less, the thread became Sticky and the
viewers are increasing in a rapid rate - Thank God for that, this is really
promising. However, I don't see anything huge in that. That's nothing.
Thing is, I'm a man with unlimited ambitions. If you want to motivate me,
just de-motivate me and wait for the out-come because you'll be dazzled :)
Believe me, I'm not showing off at all, I'm just trying to tell you one
simple thing: Don't worry, keep supporting me :)

We are one team and serving one noble purpose. Our thoughts and approaches
may vary but after all, we are doing what we do for one simple purpose:
Seeing Lubuntu at the top where it MUST be.

I'm a strong believer in Lubuntu and I'm not going to waste one single day
... I'll invest all my energy in this.

Another point I'd like to highlight. If your thread went 4K and became
LOST, it doesn't mean same will happen with my thread :)
If I'll fail to control things and my thread will be lost, that's not a
problem. By that time, I would have something better than that thread, be
sure of that :)

Thank you for your support and thanks again for your suggestions. I already
started to take that into actions, let's see what will happen :)

On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 4:08 PM, Tim Bernhard <ohiomoto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 2:57 AM, Ali Linx <amjjawad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Note: This is for everyone so lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)
>> Dear ALL,
>> ... Above all, I can NOT ask people NOT to post over there because that
>> is against the real purpose of my thread. However, what I can do is to keep
>> it simple and short and organized as much as possible and I do have some
>> plans for that but again, wait please :)....
> A.J.,
> I don't think it's too much to *ask* users to either use the appropriate
> thread to discuss issues or start a new one if one doesn't exist.  If you
> read my suggestion, it's about making their experience more useful to
> others and providing you with a way to mange that information.  They can
> still post to the thread, but try to take specifics to the appropriate
> thread so that information can be more useful to others.   *You just need
> to explain why your asking them to do it that way and how and provide
> instructions. *   I think if you were to make these changes in post #3,
> LOST will be the bomb!  You may have to "police" it a little in the
> beginning, but it gets rolling, people will follow along.
> It's not about telling what they can't do.  It's about telling them what
> the CAN do to make their contributions more useful.  It's up to you
> though.  LOST is your baby.  Keep up the good work.
> Tim

Best Regards,

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