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Re: MariaDB + PBXT


Hi Kristian,

No real plan here... :(

My idea was basically to do this manually, which is admittedly a bit of a pain.

It requires at about 3 steps:

1. Get a patch for the changes to the PBXT tree in MariaDB since the last time PBXT was merged.

2. Apply the patch to the current PBXT tree, compile, test and push.

3. Copy the PBXT over to MariaBD, compile, test and push.

As you mentioned, change histories are lost in the MariaDB tree with this method.

I would welcome any suggestions for a better method...

Best regards,


On May 7, 2009, at 2:18 PM, Kristian Nielsen wrote:

Paul McCullagh <paul.mccullagh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

On Apr 6, 2009, at 1:17 PM, Kristian Nielsen wrote:

Do you have a plan for merging in subsequent PBXT changes to
MariaDB? (I guess
you do, just don't know how it works). Would you be in charge of
merging, or should the MariaDB team pull/merge from PBXT?

Plan is to merge regularly and, of course, just before we make a
release. However, we have not worked out a schedule yet.

Generally we will make sure all our tests run through with MySQL
before we merge into MariaDB.

However, you are free to pull the latest PBXT tree and merge it into
MariaDB any time you like. If you make any changes or fixes I would be
glad to accept a patch for PBXT.

I thought a bit more about the issues of merging PBXT (and later XtraDB)
changes into MariaDB. I would like to understand better how to do it.

The main bzr repositories of both PBXT and XtraDB contain just the storage engine, and have no common history. So as I understand it, I cannot just pull in the changes using bzr (I tried bzr merge, and got an error due to no common

However, Arjen Lentz told me you had some technique you are using to control
merging into mysql, drizzle, and mariadb. Care to share it? ;-)

As I see it, the way we can do it now is to import PBXT (and XtraDB) snapshots into MariaDB. So keep a separate maria clone which is never updated, except that from time to time the storage/pbxt directory is replaced with a snapshot
of PBXT, followed by commit. We can then bzr merge from this into main
MariaDB. So essentially ignoring the PBXT bzr history. Is this how you do /
plan to do it? Or do you have a smarter way?

It would be great if we could do this some bzr-supported way, so that we could have the PBXT (and XtraDB) history available within the MariaDB repository (it is not yet). But as I understand, this is not possible at the moment (correct me if I'm wrong). There is some planned bzr feature of nested-trees, but it
appears to not be ready yet.

Anyway, I am in no way trying to change how you are doing or planning things,
just trying to understand what the plan is :-)


- Kristian.

Paul McCullagh
PrimeBase Technologies