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Re: Bug tracker for MariaDB



Let me say my vote here.

I think it is critically important to have bugtracker that can be intergrade
with third-part projects (patches, PBXT, XtraDB).
I am asking to seriously reconsider and use Launchpad project. it may be not
convenient in some ways, but it works.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 4:53 AM, Lenz Grimmer <lenz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> I hope I'm not beating on a dead horse here, I just stumbled over this
> thread
> and wanted to drop my 2 Cents into the hat :)
> On 06/24/2009 12:33 AM, Arjen Lentz wrote:
> > Ok, but I don't regard those two arguments (Bryan has time for it and
> > others are asking for it) as a convincing argument for having MariaDB
> > use this as a bugtracker. As I mentioned above, the bugtracking system
> > at Launchpad works pretty well, integrated very well with the bzr
> > branches, and so on. Considering MariaDB does interact with other
> > projects for part of its codebase and other purposes, why not use
> > something that already works rather than putting in extra?
> >
> > Look Monty, I like Eventum, Open Query uses it for some things also,
> > but that's really not the issue here.
> >
> > If Launchpad bug tracking has some issues, we can identify them,
> > report them, and see if they can be addressed.
> > We know the people who build it and we know they're active and open to
> > suggestions.
> > Just seems like a better way to use time and other resources, with a
> > more satisfactory result for not just MariaDB but also others.
> > Wheel-reinventing is terribly distracting and wasteful.
> I concur with Arjen here. The integration of the Launchpad Bug tracker with
> Bazaar trees and other Launchpad features like the cross-referencing
> between
> other external bug trackers are very compelling. I've been using the
> Launchpad
> bug tracker for keeping a tab on the mylvmbackup bugs and I really like its
> functionality. One nice feature for example is the way in which it searches
> the database for existing reports when you start with your own bug report.
> Also consider the user experience: they would have to learn yet another bug
> reporting interface.
> Keep it simple and don't reinvent the wheel, just because you can.
> I was horrified when I learned that you have chosen to use the ugly and
> collaboration-unfriendly WorkLog system again, instead of just utilizing
> Lauchpad Blueprints...
> Bye,
>        LenZ
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