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Re: Bug tracker for MariaDB



I hope I'm not beating on a dead horse here, I just stumbled over this thread
and wanted to drop my 2 Cents into the hat :)

On 06/24/2009 12:33 AM, Arjen Lentz wrote:

> Ok, but I don't regard those two arguments (Bryan has time for it and  
> others are asking for it) as a convincing argument for having MariaDB  
> use this as a bugtracker. As I mentioned above, the bugtracking system  
> at Launchpad works pretty well, integrated very well with the bzr  
> branches, and so on. Considering MariaDB does interact with other  
> projects for part of its codebase and other purposes, why not use  
> something that already works rather than putting in extra?
> Look Monty, I like Eventum, Open Query uses it for some things also,  
> but that's really not the issue here.
> If Launchpad bug tracking has some issues, we can identify them,  
> report them, and see if they can be addressed.
> We know the people who build it and we know they're active and open to  
> suggestions.
> Just seems like a better way to use time and other resources, with a  
> more satisfactory result for not just MariaDB but also others.
> Wheel-reinventing is terribly distracting and wasteful.

I concur with Arjen here. The integration of the Launchpad Bug tracker with
Bazaar trees and other Launchpad features like the cross-referencing between
other external bug trackers are very compelling. I've been using the Launchpad
bug tracker for keeping a tab on the mylvmbackup bugs and I really like its
functionality. One nice feature for example is the way in which it searches
the database for existing reports when you start with your own bug report.

Also consider the user experience: they would have to learn yet another bug
reporting interface.

Keep it simple and don't reinvent the wheel, just because you can.

I was horrified when I learned that you have chosen to use the ugly and
collaboration-unfriendly WorkLog system again, instead of just utilizing
Lauchpad Blueprints...

  Lenz Grimmer <lenz@xxxxxxxxxxx> - http://www.lenzg.net/

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