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Re: Storage Engine API changes


* Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxx> [09/07/08 18:12]:
> it's WL#3288 (created 22 May 2006) for the API and server support and
> WL#4603 (17 Oct 2008) for the default implementation in the handler
> class.

Taking the opportunity to remind that I still need a review 
on my patch for 3288 :-).

Stewart, as for Drizzle, well, at the point you have a patch 
it will be a bit too late to decide whether we want to "pull
it in".

A storage engine API change that introduces cursors needs
architecture work and prototyping. I fear we will end up with 
3 disparate storage engine APIs in Drizzle, MySQL and MariaDB.


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