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Re: Storage Engine API changes



On Jul 8, 2009, at 7:49 AM, Konstantin Osipov wrote:

3 disparate storage engine APIs in Drizzle, MySQL and MariaDB.

We have 4 :)

The original MySQL one which all of the vendors use. Drizzle, the MySQL (Sun/Oracle) created one, and the MariaDB one.

Most of the vendors who have ported to Drizzle haven't had issues. Depending on what the other ones turn out to be like... I somewhat suspect this won't be much of an issue. We could all simplify and pick some sort of standard, like say modeling from BDB, but... that would require a bit of working together.


BTW I suspect for Drizzle we will resurrect BDB at some point in the future mainly to provide this sort of interface. From talking to Josh Berkus, there may be a standard interface out there defined by some committee that could also be used (I believe they are looking at this for Postgres).

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