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Re: Storage Engine API changes


On Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 06:42:30AM -0400, Peter Benjamin Volk wrote:
> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

HTML mail isn't a good idea... not as easy to read.

> Multiple things. At first of course at column store oriented engines.
> The problem with this is that the MySQL core is strongly row based and
> would not take any column oriented optimizations into account even if
> the engine is column oriented. So any column store would actually need
> to bring their own optimizer and partially operators with them. The
> Idea would be to have a curser on the table (as proposed by you) but
> when scrolling over the data set to have two different access methods.
> One column oriented and the other row oriented. With both of these
> options it would be possible to access complete rows or have the SE it
> self filter out the unnecessary columns. Maybe the access methods could
> be controllable by the capabilities of the SE. This would give the
> optimizer multiple possibilities to access the data on a row with
> different costs. For column oriented stores it would be cheaper to read
> over the column API and for row based it would read over the row API.
> To compensate the different APIs you can define different
> transformation operators. Also this way specific selections can be
> pushed down to the SE very easily--SELECT a,b FROM t would only read
> columns a and b from the table t. Instead of reading the complete row
> of t (maybe consisting of N+1 columns). The performance degradation of
> the API to NDB is possibly due to the fact that MySQL would read the
> complete row from a column oriented interface (speculation only. Don't
> know the work on this topic in NDB). There has been quite a bit of
> publications on the SIGMOD '09 that column stores are very suitable for
> analytics as well as OLTP. So maybe this might be an interesting trend?
> Also having the different access methods modularizes the DBMS a lot
> more --&gt; more plugins :) wich is in the sense of Drizzle. <br>

the read_set and write_set parameters should take care of the only
retreiving/setting certain columns. Although that still leaves optimiser
things... which is another project altogether :)

Stewart Smith