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Re: Storage Engine API changes


Konstantin Osipov wrote:
* Stewart Smith <stewart@xxxxxxx> [09/07/08 21:16]:
The current aim is to remove things that obviously aren't related to a
cursor and move them up.

e.g. create table is now in StorageEngine.

at some point s/handler/cursor/

Bad idea IMHO. You don't need to keep all cursors in the table cache
and look every cursor with thr_lock.

Hi! I'm not sure what you mean by "look every cursor with thr_lock"? Do you mean "lock every cursor with thr_lock"? If so, we're in the process of removing the thr_lock stuff entirely (a lot easier now that MyISAM is TEMP TABLE ONLY in Drizzle...

> You should be able to
create cursors at leisure during execution, and destroy them when
not needed.

Agreed. Part of the work we are doing is reducing and simplifiying the Handler class before it gets converted to a stand-alone Cursor class that can be allocated, used, and destroyed without worrying about thr_lock mess...


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