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Re: [All] MariaDB's best (download) month ever


Hi Jeremy,

On 28 Sep 2013, at 03:59, Jeremy Cole <jeremycole@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I appreciate your candor with not knowing what mariadb.com is up to, however I find it somewhat ironic that this email came from byte@xxxxxxxxxxx. There really needs to be some clarifications about what the future of all of this is, especially w.r.t. SkySQL's commercial intentions and their relationship to MariaDB (foundation, product, etc.).

I traded in my @montyprogram.com email address which you might have been familiar with on 28 July 2013 for a @mariadb.com email address. There was nothing on that site until very recently. Notice how I don't have a @skysql.com email address? I traded in my .signature file in September, much against anyone's wishes of individuality. 

But you and everyone else is absolutely right: clarification & distinction & clear future of what is SkySQL's commercial intentions and the relationship to MariaDB (the foundation, the product, etc.). Top on my question list is What is MariaDB - it means many things to many people

> The mariadb.com site also, confusingly, says "MariaDB.com is operated by SkySQL and will become the new home for products and services related to MariaDB." and at the bottom says "2013 © MariaDB". What do these instances of "MariaDB" refer to -- a commercial entity? the product? the foundation? It then goes on to immediately tout "MariaDB Enterprise" so it's really very confusing.

I don't know how that got thru. Thanks for the pointer, it is now added as an item of discussion. 

> What are the relationships between the commercial entities in question exactly?

When I get a more deterministic answer, I will share it with maria-discuss

> Really, I think the point is: If myself, Mark, Colin, and Kristian are all confused, there is just about zero chance that any regular users are clear on it.

You are right. And its nothing like great discussion on maria-developers/maria-discuss on this issue as well - its clear there is confusion and its clear this needs fixing. Please bear with me as I need some time to discuss this to find suitable discussion points and answers and I will ensure that it comes to maria-discuss within 1-2 weeks.


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