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Re: [Maria-discuss] Enabling feedback pluging for MariaDB 10.1.4



> But asking people to "please enable the feedback plugin" just doesn't
> work. It seems that most of our users don't care about it at all - I
> mean, they don't care whether it's enabled or not, and don't care to do
> anything.  That is, if the plugin is disabled - it'll stay disabled,
> that's what is happening on Linux. If it's enabled - it'll stay enabled,
> that's what is happening on Windows (MariaDB Windows installer has a
> special dialog about it with a checkbox that's enabled by default, if
> I'm not mistaken).

Hmm, I would seriously wonder whether installations that use the default
configuration and don't change/manage it will be the best source of data
about customized configuration. (Or anything, really.)

Is it really that useful to get a bunch of stats about packages that were
installed perhaps only to meet some prerequisite for another package?



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