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Re: [Maria-discuss] Enabling feedback pluging for MariaDB 10.1.4


Hi, Jeremy!

On Mar 12, Jeremy Cole wrote:
> > But asking people to "please enable the feedback plugin" just
> > doesn't work. It seems that most of our users don't care about it at
> > all - I mean, they don't care whether it's enabled or not, and don't
> > care to do anything.  That is, if the plugin is disabled - it'll
> > stay disabled, that's what is happening on Linux. If it's enabled -
> > it'll stay enabled, that's what is happening on Windows (MariaDB
> > Windows installer has a special dialog about it with a checkbox
> > that's enabled by default, if I'm not mistaken).
> Hmm, I would seriously wonder whether installations that use the
> default configuration and don't change/manage it will be the best
> source of data about customized configuration. (Or anything, really.)
> Is it really that useful to get a bunch of stats about packages that
> were installed perhaps only to meet some prerequisite for another
> package?

Yes, of course. Stats will show what features this another package uses
(xml functions, gis, time zones, plugins, etc) and this is precisely
what we would like to know. It doesn't matter whether the configuration
is customized or default.

But if the mariadb is pulled in as a dependency, but the server is not
started then it won't send any data - and, again, that's correct, it
doesn't count as "usage" if it doesn't run.