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Re: Sachin weekly report


Hello everyone,

Weekly Report for 7th week of gsoc

1Now we can alter blob columns query like
    create table t1(abc blob unique);
    alter table t1 change column abc a blob;
  Even we can some multiple changes in one alter
    create table t1(abc blob unique, xyz blob unique);
    alter table t1 change column abc a blob , change xyz x blob;

2.Now we can delete blob columns if only one blob unique in
  key then db_row_hash_ will be removed other wise hash_str
  will be modified.If the query fails then there will be no
  side effect

3.chaning of delete operations
  create table t1(abc blob , xyz blob , pqr blob, unique(abc,xyz,pqr));
  alter table t1 drop column abc, drop column xyz;
4. we will get right error message instead of duplicate hash
5. these was an glich in code when we try to add db_row_hash_ column to
table with first key work mysql_prepare_alter_table select this
instead of real hash
now solved.
6. Added some test case.Will add more soon.
@Sergei will reply to you soon.

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