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Re: italian translation


On Sat, 2 Oct 2010 00:58:19 +0000 (GMT)
Federico Razzoli <federico_raz@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Federico> Hello. I have been busy, but I translated some pages and
Federico> published them on a new wiki:
Federico> http://mariadb.pbworks.com/
Federico> The home page says that
Federico> * the wiki collects some italian unofficial translations from
Federico> the askmonty.org kb;
Federico> * anyone who wants collaborate with the translations can
Federico> email me;
Federico> * every translation has a link to the original version, which
Federico> says what's the license;
Federico> * if a page is not a translation, and has no legal note, it's
Federico> licensed cc by-nc-sa 3
Federico> All the links in the section "Articoli" are translations.
Federico> Of course, if askmonty.org is interested in hosting the
Federico> italian translations, I'll be glad to delete the wiki and
Federico> publish all the translations on askmonty.

Eventually we will want to host them so that everything is in one
place. As soon as the KB supports multiple languages, we'll announce it
here, but for now, what you've done looks great!


Daniel Bartholomew
Monty Program - http://askmonty.org

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