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Re: testing Galera


On 2013-01-28 22:34, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
Hi, Alex!

On Jan 28, Alex Yurchenko wrote:

> I just found there are no mariadb-galera-debs around for ubuntu
> 12.10.  Can we expect them soon?

Unfortunately I have no say in this. This question should be directed
to Monty Program.

First - of course, you have a say in this.
We are trying to guess how to package mariadb-galera best, but if we're
doing wrong, by all means, please tell us that!

Sergei, what I meant it that I'm not responsible for the actual process of building and releasing official mariadb-galera binaries ;)

And I suspect that you're doing everything right - it is just the usual dependency incompatibility between distro releases. E.g. RHEL6 and Ubuntu 12.10 have switched to openssl 1.0 and that breaks Galera linking if it was compiled for a previous release. Dedicated quantal build should do the trick.


As for Ubuntu 12.10, we've just recently added quantal builders to our
buildbot, and the next release of mariadb-galera (which we plan to
release this week) will have packages for it.


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