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Re: Code of Conduct


Hi Martin,

I quite like this view. There has been some good feedback in this thread and other places already.

To some extent the description in your second paragraph is happening here already in another part of the thread.

Kind Regards

On 22/12/2022 19:01, martin doc wrote:
There was actually only one part of this that seems like it is on the money and that was code of conduct means moderation isn't required. But that's just the surface impression. It is a simple observation that comes from not understanding what the code of conduct means and it assumes that moderation must be done centrally.

A code of conduct requires each and every member of the group (be it companies, doctors, football teams or mailing lists) to perform moderation themselves for themselves. A code of conduct is in effect distributed moderation. Responsibilities are thus not circumvented, they are distributed. In the case of this mailing list, it means every member of the mailing list is responsible for moderating the content that they supply in accordance with the guidelines from the blog post.--
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