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Re: Trouble in adding Unity gestures support on our own device


Hi Canmor,

Sorry for my very delayed response :(. It's been a very busy couple of weeks for me, and I had a full week vacation in the middle of it, too.

I'm glad you found that Python MT works. I'm not sure why Qt isn't working, however. We would need to debug that further.

As for trying to emulate the right button, this isn't really possible without a translation layer in between like ginn or touchegg. There is no built-in right button emulation for touchscreens.


-- Chase

On 08/29/2012 01:37 AM, Canmor Lam wrote:
Hi, Chase!
I found that Python MT(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch/PyMT) works
fine with our device, but the touch examples of QT4.8.1 such as "dials",
"fingerpaint", "knobs" and "pinchzoom" seems could not get any touch event.

2012/8/28 Canmor Lam <canmor.lam@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:canmor.lam@xxxxxxxxx>>

    The past two weeks I had fixed a touching delay problem with our
    device, but get not any help for support to Unity gestures. In
    addition, I discover another problem.
    The problem is our device seems cannot support to simulate secondary
    click with witch on the option 'Simulated Secondary Click' in
    Universal Access setting. I am sure the mouse already get simulated
    secondary click work. Is it failed by the shift of contact?
    Any suggestions?

    2012/8/14 Canmor Lam <canmor.lam@xxxxxxxxx

        On 08/14/2012 12:16 AM, Chase Douglas wrote:

            On 08/11/2012 09:55 PM, Canmor Lam wrote:

                Hello everyone!
                We are adding supports to Ubuntu for our own developed
                device(with our own developed device driver). The
                problem is our device
                seems working well but no any Unity gesture descripted
                on wiki
                <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch> is available. I had
                took some tests:

                  1. Run “evtest” by performing tap with single finger,
                tap with four
                     fingers and drag with three fingers on our device.
                The output seems
                     OK : http://paste.ubuntu.com/__1138913/
                  2. Then I run “mtdev-test” by performing the same
                action. The output
                     seems OK as well:
                  3. Finally, the output of “geistest”, with the same
                action on our
                     device: http://paste.ubuntu.com/__1138912/
                <http://paste.ubuntu.com/1138912/>. I am not sure
                whether it’s OK.

            Can you provide your Xorg log file, usually
            /var/log/Xorg.0.log. That will give us some more info about
            your device.

            Is your device a touchscreen or a touchpad?


            -- Chase

        Hi Chase.

        Thanks for your reply! I reboot my virtual machine and catch a
        shorter Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/__1146028/
        <http://paste.ubuntu.com/1146028/> (TimeLink MultiTouch is our

        Our device (actually a usb hid device) is a touchscreen with
        Linux MT protocol B support. Here is the output from lsusb:
        <http://paste.ubuntu.com/1146063/> (but the report descriptors
        is still *UNAVAILABLE*, even I have unbound it from hid driver).

        BTW, is the input reports correct? I can even provide the kernel
        module source file if necessary.

        Thanks again!

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