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Re: Trouble in adding Unity gestures support on our own device


Hi Chase,

I'm pleased to hear from you. I hope you had a great holiday.

I found that our device works well (um, except moving window by three fingers drag) under Ubuntu 11.10. QT4 touch examples work well too.

What's difference up to 12.04? I notice that I could not get any gesture output from "geistest" without specified a window ID on Ubuntu 12.04, it only outputs:

   Device 30736 added
        attr "device name" = "TimeLink TimeLink MultiTouch"
        attr "device id" = 30736
        attr "device touches" = 47
        attr "direct touch" = true
        attr "independent touch" = false
        attr "device X minimum" = 0.000000
        attr "device X maximum" = 32767.000000
        attr "device X resolution" = 0.000000
        attr "device Y minimum" = 0.000000
        attr "device Y maximum" = 32767.000000
        attr "device Y resolution" = 0.000000

Is that the key point?

To be honest, I am a newbie to Linux driver development. Shall I debug Unity, and how to? Could you give me some advice? Thank you very much!

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