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Re: ORM Refactor [READ]


On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 10:36 AM, Rick Clark <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok, guys, this has been a lively discussion, but it is time to make a
> decision.  This will be the primary topic for tomorrow's release
> meeting.  I like the patch, but I really think we need to add back redis
> support, not because I love redis, just as a matter of how we manage
> change in the project. The big question to me is where/when we merge it
> and what it means to the release.

I think we should merge it now.  I also believe we should prioritize
making a NoSQL driver for the Austin release if possible.

> A few things to keep in mind:
>  * OpenStack should avoid making technical decisions for implementers.
> We should only mandate a technology if we have to, for reasons like
> uniformity of the code, i.e the twisted debate, or because choice would
> be difficult to implement.


>  * I think we should try not to take sides in contentious technical
> issues, unless we have to. My reaction was that this change could be
> seen to be a statement about Redis, or NoSQL in general.


>  * In general, if we are going to drop a major technology choice, we
> should do it slowly, by deprecating it first.  We should never go into a
> release requiring a technology and end the release with it totally
> unsupported.  This is just not fair to our users.  We will make choices,
> but we need to ensure smooth transitions for people that have
> implemented Openstack.  I know it is less of an issue for our first
> release, but good policy is good policy.

Absolutely agreed.

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