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Re: OOC Website changes


A few quick thoughts: Does ooc really need to host a mailing list on
the ooc-lang domain? If the primary reason seems to be 'for
appearances sake' then why not host git too? And run our own IRC
server :) Or are there some important features missing from launchpad

cb rubin, you're right, we don't *need* it but I think I will be better to have it. Having said that, if the workload is too high, we shouldn't try to host ourselves the ML but having our own mailing lists, whith an hand on the sources and the ability to migrate, is a nice thing.

    2. A "free" consideration : it should be a good thing to pull out
    Twitter and migrate to Identi.ca, or, why not, to install our own
    StatusNet service [http://status.net/]. We can keep the Twitter
    account and automatically push the messages from Identi.ca I think.

I fail to see the benefits, here. ooc_lang has ~310 followers on
Twitter, that's quite a few, would it encounter the same popularity on
Identi.ca? Is StatusNet easy to maintain? As cd rubin said, volunteers
time is not constant. What if you die? Or worse, get married? I feel the
same way about 'maintaining maintenance time-cost the lowest possible'.

Amos, as said before, if the workload is too high... but here I think not. Nevertheless, in my view, the better option should be to officially go at Identi.ca and let the Twitter account open for current followers and maybe global 'popularity'.

StatusNet, and so Identi.ca is able to pull and push automatically messages from and to Twitter. I don't use Twitter but Identi.ca seemed to have more features, as XMPP transport, post tagging and groups subscription.

Furthermore, in a 'free' consideration too, Identi.ca let users subscribe with an OpenID and works with standards as FOAF and the CC licenses.

Thus, we remain around free software and we don't lose neither current neither potential followers. Also, you can keep working with Twitter and let Identi to pull. After all, we might let Twitter on the website, on top of.

What's your opinion ?

    3. What are your opinions about the creation of a XMPP room ?

  I think I'm in agreement with Fred here. Generally, I haven't seen
XMPP rooms being used for anything useful (but that's just my culture),
and have only seen Freenode channels for serious development-related
stuff. Although it would certainly be no problem to start an XMPP room
later, when the community gets larger (as Fred says).

Ok, I understand and I mostly agree.

    4. What do you think about writing the website in OOC  : a good
    idea, to demonstrate a real world example; not a priority, practical
    aspects matters more... ?

Maybe writing one website in ooc would be a good thing. Writing ooc's
website in ooc would be too much of a hassle I think. But maybe writing
a "Try ooc" website in ooc would be a good idea? When we have something
like a rock interpreter backend, or just tcc in a sandbox (so that
people can't harm the server)

Yes, good idea. We may need a little server for that, until an eval() function is ready !