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Re: OCA: transition from Launchpad to Github



There is still one point that is not totally clear yet, that is wether
we migrate only the 8.0 branch on GitHub or all the existing branches
(6.1, 7.0).

Excellent rationales for the full migration have been given by Leonardo
Pistone [0] and Laurent Mignon [1]. Read them.

 - Sharing the tools and processes for all series will benefits to all
of us and even more for newcomers, less formation and maintenance costs
 - Less complexity
 - Merges and backports between 6.1, 7.0 (bzr) and 8.0 (git) would be a
 - Painful for reviewers and committers to use 2 review platforms
 - Allow to add the same runbot/CI than v8

The arguments to keep the existing branches in Launchpad were:

* The existing merge proposals in progress:
The authors of the MP will have to move them to GitHub themselves if
they are not merged before the switch.
For sure, that's not nice to have to move them, but keeping the branches
on Launchpad for this reason would be shooting ourselves in the
foot because the merge proposals are rather short-term, while the reason
quoted above are for the long term. Also, the migration work will be
shared among all the contributors so it will not be so dreadful.

* The translation of Launchpad (Rosetta):
We still have to find a solution, but we have the same problem for the
8.0 branches. Alternatives exist (transifex, onesky, ...)

In my opinion, we have much more to gain to migrate all the branches to
GitHub now than keeping part of them on Launchpad. According to the
discussions on the thread, it seems that it tends to be shared by a
majority but not everyone gave his opinion.

We have to move forward, so if nobody disagree, we will migrate all the
community branches to GitHub.

Thanks for reading,

[0] https://lists.launchpad.net/openerp-community/msg06150.html
[1] https://lists.launchpad.net/openerp-community/msg06160.html

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