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Re: OCA: transition from Launchpad to Github


Can you 'git push' back to the bzr remote?
Yes, git-remote-bzr supports that. Note that we shouldn't need that here.

Stéphane Bidoul proposed a migration strategy on this thread, on 21/06/2014, based on git-bzr-ng.
For short you:
* Use "git bzr clone" from Launchpad, and then "git bzr import" to fetch other branches (6.1, 7.0, ...) * Afterwards you can both "git push" to git/github remotes and "git bzr push" to LP.

The main advantage of his solution was that it makes easy to keep LP in sync with the changes made on GitHub. Even if we do all maintenance on GitHub, some people would like to be able to keep using LP for legacy deployments, and it's important for them to have a way to sync GitHub commit to the LP repos.

But from your answer, probably "git-remote-bz" can also achieve that.


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