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Re: OCA: transition from Launchpad to Github



As you have maybe noted, all the branches are now replicated on GitHub
on https://github.com/OCA but are still to consider as 'read-only'.
Commits are still done on Launchpad.

As I generated the mapping file [0] semiautomatically, series older than
6.1 may be missing on projects that have them, so please check the
projects you are familiar with and propose a pull request on the mapping

I started to write a guide for the migration itself:

And one for the developers:

Please help me to improve them (especially the one for the developers
which will be a precious resource for a lot of person).

I chose the 'connector' [1] project to become a pilot project for the
migration, allowing me to check if it works fine, including the
mirroring on Launchpad. It will also serve as an example. This is the
first OCA project switched to GitHub! :-)

What has been done on this project (reference the points in the
migration guide):

1. `oca-copy-branches` copied the branches to the GitHub repository
(yesterday, I ran it again today a last time)

2. I created mirror branches on Launchpad and linked the 7.0 mirrored
branch to the serie (no 6.1 here) [2]

3. Ok for this project

4. Sandy added this great stuff to the project.

5. Set modules to uninstallable with:
ack installable --py -l | xargs sed  "s/[\"|']installable[\"|']:
True/'installable': False/" -i

6. I posted a message on the existing MP but it was not a too tough task
here, as there is only 1 pending MP. [3]

7. I did not moved the issues to GitHub. I think that we should move
them as well, what are your opinions? Who would like to work on that?
This tool may help: https://github.com/termie/lp2gh

You'll see that there are many manual things to do, not specially time
consuming, but still. If any of you have ideas or can work on scripts to
automate some steps, it could help a lot. On the other side, there are
about 70 projects, if only 10 maintainers out of the 22 share the tasks,
they will be promptly settled.

We'll have to choose a date (soon I hope) and share the tasks between
the maintainers to effectively switch!


[0] https://github.com/OCA/maintainers-tools/blob/master/tools/branches.yaml
[1] https://github.com/OCA/connector
[2] https://code.launchpad.net/openerp-connector

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